Reiss Process Machinery Ltd

Unit 7, Shawclough Trading Estate, Shawclough Road, Rochdale, Lancs, UK.

t: +44(0)1706 640565   f: +(0)1706 644035

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Reiss Process Machinery Ltd is one of the few turnkey suppliers of specialist paper machines and processes in the industry. Its dedicated team of innovators is at the leading edge of design and with in-house manufacturing capabilities coupled with 40 years of manufacturing experience, is well placed to serve customers with continuous service and support. 

The company’s philosophy is to partner customers to protect and develop the value of their processes. And with an absolute commitment to environmental responsibility its designs are based on renewable and efficient resource principles. Reiss engineers each average more than 25 years’ experience in the pulp and paper industry and are fully conversant with the latest innovations in the design of headboxes, formers, Fourdriniers, press sections, vacuum systems and controls, steam systems and controls, rolls, reel-up, Dandy systems, pulpers, cleaners, pressure screens, radial headers and energy recovery systems. 

Reiss strives to be a leader in the development of processes that deliver prosperity and respect for nature, and aims to be the first choice supplier for the speciality paper machine market. 




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